Horses in Drag​/​Horses in Heat

by The Hover Mothers

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This batch of songs was recorded over the past 2+ years. Notice the far-from-perfect recording, the uncorrected mistakes, the doing-it-on-the-fly sub-par mixing. The Hover Mothers do not believe in recording and re-recording until something sounds perfect. We are not Fleetwood Mac. We like noise. And fuzz. We rarely worry about tuning. Traditional song structure is for the upper class elite. Our collective attention span is dreadful. Greg and Sam are talented drummers. Mike is not but he makes up for it by being a really good speller.


1. This song is about a stranger getting lost in the middle of a barren swath of America only to end up in an opium den.

2. This next one is about a band of carjackers who are infinitely more interested in wrapping the so-called American dream around a tree than they are in driving fancy cars. Aside from driving, cars are silly.

5. Finally, we have a song about the co-creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, being kidnapped and forced to create a product that will 'hypnotize and brainwash' the west into allowing The Cold War to continue. This never happened.

3 and 4 are instrumentals about whatever you want them to be...but 4 is clearly about space exploration.

IMPORTANT: The Hover Mothers don't care about money. We care about community. This means that the release is available as a free download. If, however, you wish to contribute, please be advised that your donation will be passed on to various social programs in Carlisle.

Hope Station;
Carlisle Victory Circle;


released January 24, 2017

Michael Landis: Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Tapes, Percussion
Greg Rand: Drums, Percussion
Sam Daub: Percussion, Drums, Keys



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The Hover Mothers Carlisle, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Beast of the East/Den Mother
Harvesting bones on the dust bowl's floor
My body hums like a thousand trains
I'm grinding with snakes while the vultures toil
I'd set myself on fire for some rain

I flee to the east and I flee to the west
Nothing moves but the shadows and the sun
I'm dying to leave but I've got no beef with the west because you know I am the beast of the east

Well I've got no sense of urgency
I've got no friends
So I'll just lock myself away inside this opium den
When they unhinge their jaws and swallow smoke
I'll wait for the storm
Then I'll arise and pack my bags and head for lines of the horse

The things I see in silence and the things I hear when blind
Can't compare to all the fingers that I'm feeling in my mind
It's stroking my brain
I can't remember my name
I've got to get out of this opium den...
Track Name: How To Survive A Carjacking
Let us speak to you in private
Out on the sidewalk
We're about to steal the horses from underneath your hood

Then we really must be going
But if you need a ride
We'll gladly drop your body off in the woods

Thanks for understanding
This carjacking
It's time you really now just who we are
But that the next time that you see me
Please believe me
I'm coming straight for you and your car.
Track Name: By The Time I Get To Bomont
Track Name: Alexey Pajitnov (Another Bloc in the Wall)
Hey, boy! Welcome to Moscow
You're going to help your comrades to prolong this war
'Cause I've been having dreams 8 bits at a time
And there's no way I'm going to let them take the Berlin Wall

Get out of line, we're going to roll you like a cigarette
Counting to five then your work will begin
You've got the brains and they've got the TVs
Going to hypnotize the kids so the Cold War won't end

Oh, Alexey! How will it end?
You were my hostage and now we are friends
Oh, Alexey! How will it end? Oh...

'Cause everybody knows you end up in gulag
If you spit on the sidewalk.
But that's not our concern anymore
Our concern anymore